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Best 1080p Projectors – Complete Review and Buying Guide

Best 1080p Projectors – Complete Review and Buying Guide
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Having a best 1080p projector is like having a mini movie theater at home as it delivers a theater-like quality which can take any movie session to a whole new level. 1080p projector segment is probably the most demanded one in the market, and everyone drools to add one of them in their entertainment room.

Are you one of them? But thinking that it might make a hole in your pocket? Gone are those days when you will have to shell out a huge chunk to get hold of a potent 1080p projector. Nowadays technologies have gone ahead, and you can get an eye-popping 1080p quality at an affordable range.
To help you out in the selection, our team has opted for extensive research, and after weeks of evaluation, they have finally laid the names of the best 1080p models.
Our team didn’t restrict themselves to any particular brands; instead, they explored a wide variety so that they can provide the best model offering optimum quality.

We hope you find this guide helpful as you try to decide on which projector to purchase.

1.BenQ HT1085ST 1080p The Best 1080p Projector

The BenQ ht1085st seems to have followed suit as it is arguably one of the most innovative BenQ devices in its short throw projector series released up to date. The state of the art BenQ has been designed to act as a home theatre and gaming screen due to its outstanding colors, screen size and LED lighting to increase the visual experience.

If you think that’s awesome, wait till you hear about the dynamic power saving that is built into the projector. It saves up to 70% of power consumption as well as lowering the maintenance costs through power saving features like eco blank mode and smart eco mode.


Color wheel:

Contrast ratio:

the projector is 12.2 inches wide x 9.6 inches deep x 4.1 inches high and weighs approximately 6.28 pounds.

Keystone correction:

Projection Offset:
the projector has an offset of approximately 105%.

Lamp life:
3500 hours when in a normal state and 5000 hours when in an economic state.

500 hours of lamp life or 180 days.

Native resolution:

it has ANSI brightness of 2200 lumens.

First and foremost, before setting up, analyze a number of factors including the screen size, vertical offset and the size of the room. Afterward, determine the best place for projection (a wall will do for the moment if you don’t have a projection screen).
Next, you can place the projector in a place that seems more suitable. There are options that this could work out well; on a table, on top of a shell or even mounting from the ceiling. The next thing you can do is connecting the ports with their cables; HDMI, TV, laptop, DVD and VGA jack for PC.
To sum up, you can add the power cable and turn it on will you sit back and enjoy your new decoder.

  • Setting up is easy since there’s an easy self-explanatory interface design that anyone could understand
  • The colors projecting onto the screen are outstanding as the colorific technology brings lifelike colors
  • BenQ ht1085 has superb 3D performance that brings the cinematic experience
  • The projector has excellent picture quality with 1080p full HD system
  • Horizontal keystone correction is useful when you’re having a difficult time finding the perfect spot
  • Dynamic power saving component to help in saving power consumption
  • It has high audio performance with the built-in 10W chamber speaker
  • It can’t save keystone settings when going on standby, therefore, forcing you to reset the whole process
  • It’s hard to get the perfect rectangular shape when adjusting the projector
  • BenQ generates a lot of heat when used a lot
  • The lamp is prone to damage as it is not long
  • Some motion stutter is present in fast scenes

See What the Customers are Saying


The BenQ comes with exciting new features that you might think about having it as a replacement for the TV. Even with all the quality display and brightness from it, it can’t show the quality picture in the presence of sunlight. Rather than thinking of it as a replacement for TV, think of it as a more elaborate method to get a theatre sized experience.
From our own point of view, we can tell you the fact that it is a great projector if you want that cinematic view at the comfort of your house.

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2. Vankyo LEISURE 3 LED Mini Portable Projector: The Runner up

The vankyo leisure projector is built mainly for home theatre. This budget projector comes with a 2000:1 contrast ratio, LED lighting and fantastic screen size to enhance the display quality. Also, it is built with a cooling system with heat dispersion and noise suppression technology which is ideal as it conserves the environment.

The image displayed by the projector is bright enough and of high quality due to the contrast ratio of 2000:1, image brightness of 2200 lumens and the display technology of LED light source.


Lamp life:
It comes equipped with an extended lamp life that goes for about 40000 hours. Although the manufacturers were quite generous with the lamp life, be aware that you should take a break after 3-4 hours of usage to extend its working life and avoid overheating.

HD wide-angle lens:
The 5-piece high transmittance lenses offer a modified optical path design to provide a clear resolution.

Aspect ratio:
The projector can support 16:9 as well as 4:3

Contrast ratio:

Image size range:
It offers a display size of 32” to approximately 176 projection distance ranging from 4.9ft to 16.9ft. 6.5ft is the advisable viewing distance.

Video connectivity:
It has VGA, USB, TV BOX, HDMI, AV, and TF Card.

Supported resolution:
1080P, 720P, and 480P.

The projector is 5.9 inches Wide x 7.9 inches Deep x 3.1 inches High. It weighs approximately 2.12 pounds, lightweight enough to be carried anywhere.

Included accessories:
Apart from the projector, the bag contains instruction manual, power cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, 1 x 3 in AV Cable and the remote.


The crucial factors to consider before setting up the vankyo projector are:
1. The size of your room
2. The screen size
3. The vertical offset
4. The specified estimate for the throw distance.
You should as well decide the best location for the screen (it can either be a projector screen or a wall, as both works correctly).
Next, do the calculation of the throw distance of your projector. The formula for calculation is; throw ratio x screen width= throw distance.
Afterward, attach the appropriate mount to the projector. The mount should be connected to the projector before placing it on the ceiling or wall. An M4.0 screw hole, found on the bottom of vankyo projector could be used for mounting.
Afterward, you can connect to PC through VGA jack; connect to TV and video devices through AV input; connect to a laptop, DVD, TV stick, TV box, and gaming consoles through HDMI cables. Finally, plug in the power cable at the rear port and then turn on the power button

  • Clear audio with the options of 2 inbuilt speakers
  • Ease of use as the instructions and manual are easy to understand
  • Colors are sharp and vibrant due to high contrast ratios
  • Produces less heat after long hours of use as it is equipped with a cooling system
  • High audio quality with a specification of 2 inbuilt speakers
  • Not recommended for powerpoint and word presentations as the texts are not explicit
  • Audio set up is challengingas it does not support Dolby sound or if your device is missing the required drives
  • Video quality is not high if the distance is more than 6.5ft as it does not bring the best screen size
  • Does not have a battery and therefore lacks flexibility as it relies on a nearby power outlet

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Although it has a lot of positive qualities, it lacks some key features to make it a decent projector. In spite of its portable size and easy to operate settings, it still requires zoom control to bring the display into the correct rectangular shape.
However, with negligible negative traits, the projector is worth your money. If you are low on cash, have limited space, leisure 3 is the right projector for you.

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3. Epson Home Cinema 3000 1080p 3D 3LCD

The Epson Home Cinema 3000 is the successor to the highly popular 8350 version. Among its upgrades are its increased brightness and brilliant 3D capability. The home theater projector also has deep black levels thanks to its 60000:1 contrast ratio. It is also fitted with a lens shift that makes it easy to adjust and fix the projector.
And with its 7-built color modes, and remarkable Hd1080p feature, the machine projects crystal clear images that promise to maximize your theatrical experience.


Lens shift:

Both vertical and horizontal. Enables you to change the image’s position without moving the projector.

Vertical Lens Shift:
60% — can move images from the center of the screen vertically by 60%.

Horizontal Lens Shift:
24% — can move images by 24% either left or right of the screen from the center

Zoom type and factor:
Manual 1.6x – Gives you more freedom when positioning your projector to get a fitting image size.

Color support:
Over 1 billion colors.

Aspect ratio:
Native 16:9 also supports 16:10 and 4:3 aspect ratio.

White Brightness:
2300 lumens – resistant to ambient light.

Color Brightness:
2300 lumens

Dynamic Contrast Ratio:

3-chip LCD technology. Enables the white and color brightness to match. Rarely shows any rainbow artifacts, unlike DLP tech.

Video Formats:
Supports 480i, 480p, 576p, 576i, 720p, 1080i, HD 1080p

Video Interfaces:
VGA, MHL, HDMI, component and composite video.

Native Resolution:
1920 x 1080

HD Image Format:

3D Capability:

16.1” x 12.6” x 6.4”

14.9 pounds

Item Display Height:


With the 14 pounds weight, the 1080p projector is anything but portable. This makes it work best when installed permanently at a fixed position. The machine’s ports are at its back so when installing it make sure there is enough ventilation around that area so you can connect its cables effectively.

Sound Performance

Unfortunately, the dlp projector has no built-in speakers. This is common among many home theater projectors that are designed to only produce sound when connected to external speakers. It also doesn’t have any audio output. This means that you’ll not have to change the audio source when altering the video sources.

2D and 3D Performance

The Epson 3000’s image quality can’t be compared to any other cinema projector. It displays true-to-life images that are almost perfect. But like any other device ever made, it is susceptible to some minor faults.
First of all, its 2D tends to have some slight nagging noise and lacks clarity in some movies filmed at fast rates. Its 3D also shows some artifacts although in a lesser degree than other 3D projectors. Finally, its lag time is particularly high at 114 milliseconds – a disappointment to many gaming fans.
But overall, its 2D and 3D performance is really good, especially when projecting 1080p films.

  • It is very impressive when projecting the 1080p resolution
  • Its lens shift is very effective; both vertical and horizontal
  • The 1.6 x zoom feature allows you to get the perfect image size when watching films
  • It lacks speakers thus may disappoint those who don’t have the budget for external speakers
  • Its long lag time can be very irritating especially when playing games
  • It lacks portability. Can be quite a struggle carrying it. That’s why it’s not suitable for backyard movies

See What the Customers are Saying


Home Cinema 3000 is a massive letdown to those who prefer factory speakers. But if you are a serious home theater enthusiast, then the lack of speakers should be the least of your worries. This is probably because you already have your own powerful cinematic speakers. Apart from that, its lag time is also a disappointment to loyal gamers but this fades in comparison to its 2D and 3D capabilities, not to mention its stunning HD feature and brightness.

4. VIVIBRIGHT Projector

The vivibright needs to be on your list if you’re in the market for a low priced projector. The specs alone are more than enough to make it up for its cheap price tag. One of the top-notch features that come with this state of the art projector is 35000 hours long lamp life to keep you entertained for a long time.

It holds its high end of the deal by delivering a high resolution of HD level requirements and brightness of 3500 Lumens, suitable for home theatre and outdoor theatre use.



it shows image brightness with the LED light source, 3500 lumens, and 380 lux color brightness.

Lamp life:
The lamp life is extended to last for about 30000 hours. Even if it is used for 8 hours a day consecutively, it doesn’t have to be replaced for another 10 years.

Aspect ratio:
It supports the native ratio of 16:9 as well as showing compatibility with 4:3.

Image size:
It ranges from 35 inches to 180 inches.

Native resolution:
the projector is HD ready.

it supports HDMI, USB, VGA and 3 in 1 AV.

provides a noise level of about 32dB at a distance of 2.5m

the vivibright is 9.8 inches wide x 11.4 inches deep x 4.7 inches high and weighs approximately 4.8 pounds.

they include one remote controller, 1*3 in 1 AV cable, easy operation manual, power cable, and a VGA cable.

Throw ratio:

Projection distance:
1.2 to 5.5m.

Contrast ratio:
3000:1 when static while 10000:1 in dynamic.

Keystone correction:
it has a 15-degree angle correction to adjust the focus.


First, decide on which surface for projection best suits you, be it a wall or a projector surface. Afterward, position the projector from a ceiling mount through the anchor holes or on a surface like a table or even a shelf. Before mounting the projector, adjust its position to ensure that it displays well to your liking as it lacks the zoom feature.
Next, plug in the device and power source with the provided input on the rear panel turn one the power button. If you notice that the sound isn’t playing, it’s because vivibright does not support Dolby sound. The best solution is to turn off the Dolby sound from the settings and if the problems persist, you can contact the customer service.

  • It displays high brightness with 3500 lumens light output
  • It has clear display quality with HD level resolution
  • Easy to set up with instructions and the design is made user-friendly
  • It has a better viewing experience with the resolution of up to 1080p
  • Simple plug-in feature for USB
  • Fans are loud due to the projector producing too much heat that needs cooling
  • It produces too much heat due to the higher power of the LED light source

See What the Customers are Saying


Even with all the positive features, it still shows a problem in the set-up, especially when trying to get the correct shape of the image. This is because it lacks the horizontal keystone correction and with the availability of the vertical correction, you still have to position it manually.
This is not a projector for you if the purpose is for presentations or business meetings as the text are not clear. However, if you are looking for entertainment purpose, then for sure this is the right choice.

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5. CiBest Projector, BL45 LED Projector

CiBest BL45 is one of the best choices for entertainment as it provides exceptional performance for watching a movie, viewing photos and playing games. This is possible with the provision of the large image size of up to 170 inches and vivid color that features an advanced optical system.
It is equipped with a new and improved cooling system that reduces overheating, therefore, conserving the environment.



The projector has LED source luminous flux of 2000.

its compact size allows you to take it anywhere with you.

Lamp life:
it can last for at least 30000 hours.

the projector can adapt to PCs, laptop, TV Box, chrome book, blue-ray DVD player through its port like AV, HDMI, VGA, SD Card.

Screen size:
it provides amazing display experience from 33” to 170”.

Native resolution:
800 x 400 pixels.

Contrast ratio:
2000: 1.

manual correction of 15 degrees

External audio device-
enhance the volume to enhance performance

it is made with built-in stereo surrounded by the speaker.

clear glass lenses.

8.3 inches x 6.5 inches x 3.4 inches with the weight of 2.98 pounds.

First of all, you should choose the appropriate surface for projection to be it a wall or a projection screen. The surface used should have a shade of white to enhance the visual display experience. Second, you should mount the projector from a ceiling.
There are two screw threads with one used to adjust the height of the front end of the projector and the other used for the standard tripod screw.
Next, insert the cables into the ports it is meant for.
The projector has HDMI, VGA, and AV which allows you to use it with Laptop, TV, PC, DVD player and other devices. Plug in the ac power extension and turn it on.

  • It is easy to setup with clear user manual
  • It is portable to allow for flexibility in movement
  • The lamp life is 30000 hours and can take up to 10 years in order to be fully used
  • Low fan noise- one can’t be aware of after 1-hour of usage
  • It has a large screen size of 170 inches that provides a cinematic viewing experience
  • Audio is built in with speakers to enhance the audio experience
  • The clear glass lenses provide a 30% higher transmittance
  • It does not support Dolby videos and therefore Dolby sound needs to be converted to other formats through software
  • Keystone only works in one direction
  • The fan is really loud which causes a lot of distraction
  • Not recommended for business or educational purpose

See What the Customers are Saying


Provided with the fact that many features are of great qualities, the negative ones are without a doubt not appealing. For one, they should update the range of the keystone adjustment as setting it up manually just doesn’t cut it.
Apart from that, we have no qualms with the projector whatsoever as it displays an exciting quality of picture that you can do a lot of stuff with like use it as a monitor for both the video game and computer. To sum it up, it is a great projector in your budget and we highly recommend it especially because of its cheap price tag.


1. What does support 1080p mean for a projector?
The phrase support 1080p means that the projector doesn’t come with native 1080p resolution, but it holds the capability to play 1080p resolution videos. However, there is a difference in quality with actual 1080p model and projector that supports 1080p resolution.

2. What kind of laptop computer do I need to play 1080p video a projector?
You won’t need an expensive computer or laptop because any ordinary laptop will be sufficient to play a 1080p video in a projector. However, the laptop or computer should have HDMI support.

3. GP90 projector how to setup?
Setting up GP90 projector is quite easy, and you can place it in a standard table for set up. You should keep the image size to 100inch and depending upon the throw distance you should put it. For image correction, you can use the keystone correction and focus ring to view a sharp quality.

4. What 3D glass work with BenQ W1070 1080p 3D home theater projector?
A standard 3D glass with a good lens will be sufficient for viewing 3D videos in BenQ W1070 home theater projector. However, we will recommend you to avoid poor brands as they won’t show proper depth.

5. What lumens projector do I need to game in 1080p?
A projector with a minimum 2500 lumens would be appropriate for you to game in 1080p resolution. It would be ideal if you can get a 1080p projector with 3000-3500 lumens as it will provide the optimum vividness.

6. What 1080p projector has the best picture?
There is no particular 1080p projector that has the best picture as the perception varies from people to people. But there are some specific models that are known for offering excellent quality which can’t be matched by other models.

7. What does good 1080p cost?
A good 1080p model cost generally cost around $800 to $1200, but some typical 1080p models from famous brands cost above $2000.



The best projector for you is not necessarily the most expensive one. Let us face it; we all have different needs. The projectors reviewed above have proven to be reliable, and budget-friendly. No matter what your needs are, one of the above projectors will certainly meet your needs.
You can check out our other projector reviews on this website if you need more variety.


  1. I simply cannot take this review seriously, when I see that you selected the Vankyo Leisure 3 as 2nd place, ahead of an excellent budget Epson 3000 projector.

    In reality, someone who would buy the Benq or the Epson wouldn’t buy the Vankyo or the other $100 projectors, and vice versa.

    You’d be far better off reviewing several $900 projectors, and then review several sub $300 models. Because the sub $300 models all tend to have low resolution, and the sub $100 models are pretty much junk.

    I will also mention, that as good as the Epson 3000 may be, it’s picture as projector is simply not in the same league as say the Epson 5020, 5030 or 5040, but of course those projectors are a little more than double the price.

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