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Logitech G305 Vs G402 vs G403 Vs G502 Vs G703 Gaming Mouse: Review and Buying Guide

Logitech G305 Vs G402 vs G403 Vs G502 Vs G703 Gaming Mouse: Review and Buying Guide
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The scout for a good mouse has always been frustrating for gamers on a tight budget. While it’s possible to find a good mouse with low latency and a fine sensor, a quality mouse generally requires a decent financial investment.

Logitech’s mice are built uniquely for anyone who wants a no-frills product from top-level manufacturers without frittering away all the money in their wallets. In this review, we are going to compare four of the best (both wired and wireless) mice from Logitech. They include the G305, G403 (wireless and wired), G502, and G703. Without whirling away the time, let’s get started with the Logitech G305.

1. Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse: The Best Cheap Wireless Mice From Logitech

The new Logitech G305 is specially created for anyone who has always craved for wireless
models but discouraged by the expensive quoted price. It is one of the low-cost wireless mice
we’ve ever come across, and for the most part, it does not trade its quality for the low price.
In fact, Logitech G305 is available in white (if you prefer white).


The G305 is pretty much like the Logitech G Pro, right from the crinkled scroll wheel to the slim-jim thumb buttons. Nevertheless, the G305 is more lightweight than the Pro, having a weight of 99 gram as opposed to Pro’s 129 grams.

Talking of the machinery, Logitech has packed together similar HERO sensor you’ll see with other expensive brands. This high-quality sensor comes with great accuracy. The DPI range of 100 to 12,000 basically sets up everything for everyone and gaming scenes.

You can store the wireless USB dongle beneath the removable top cover of this mouse if you’re planning to go out with it. Thanks to Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology, the mouse stays connected with 1ms latency. For long, input lag has been a major problem with
wireless mice, but the G305 is responsive and perfectly makes it feels like you’re using a wired mouse.

Battery life

An issue with battery life is another major trouble when dealing with wireless mice, but the G305 has been a badass in that area. Only one AA battery will make the battery life last for up to 250 hours (that’s pretty good for a mouse). However, if you’re only using this mouse to surf the web or for general work, you can switch over to “endurance mode”( through the Logitech software) and your mouse is guaranteed to run for up to nine months with only one battery on a response time of 8ms. That’s some user-friendly feature for people looking to use a laptop mouth outside their home.

Unfortunately, that’s nowhere to be found is the Logitech’s Powerplay technology. This is one of the differences between the G305 and G703; because this feature was found in G703 (we’ll discuss more on that later). The G703 supports powerplay mousepad that enables
wireless charging.

Undoubtedly, the AA battery functions very well, but we would have loved it if it supports the powerplay option. Overall, G305 is a great mouse from Logitech at a competitive price.


How to make g305 lighter?
You can get it up to 84 gram with an AA lithium battery and an adapter.

How to setup g305?
Connect the G305 mouse to your PC and include the light-speed USB receiver. Before
connection, ensure you’ve already installed an AA battery.

How to connect g305?
• Slide off the keyplate which leaves the battery cage open
• Remove the lightspeed receiver from the battery cage
• Install the AA battery in the battery cage
• Cover up the battery cage by sliding up the keyplate
• Connect to your PC

Connect Logitech g305 how to change dpi?

• Open the Logitech software and click on “option”
• Click on ‘Point and scroll’. (You can find it on the left side of the software page)
• On the “pointer speed”, choose your preferred DPI options

2. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse

In the search for the fastest gaming mouse in the market, you have to admit that Logitech is doing a great job. Well, in the Logitech G305 Vs G402 vs G403 Vs G502 Vs G703 debate, we can confidently say that this mouse is among the fastest. But which are these features that seem to impress everybody?


This mouse comes with the black glossy and matte combination in terms of design. You will find a distinctive G logo that is glowing. For some people, this design may be low profile or unimpressive. Other brands give off a decent amount of cohesion when compared to this one.

Regardless, the matte finish feels fantastic under your hands. It is the feeling that you want when playing, a serious game. The mouse is quite comfortable,and the contouring is what you can call, near perfect. In other words, the ergonomics in this mouse is unmatched. It is in a class of its own.

The curved top section fits the curve in your hand in a sleek that you have to appreciate. The rubberized sides give you a near perfect grip that your fingers and hand will not slip.

Also, the flared section that is specifically for your thumb feels good. You will even notice the chamfered edges that provide a smooth slide on the mat. There’s no digging and getting stuck when using the mouse like some of the brands on the market. Gaming requires such flawless design and ergonomics if we are going to enjoy it to the maximum.

However, one of the highlight features associated with this mouse is the 420 inches per second speed. The sensor speed can tell how fast you are moving the device on the mat. It combines gyroscope and accelerometer in the laser speed. As a result, you get a reasonably accurate movement that allows you to make great strides when playing the game. You become a better gamer.

The gaming mouse also boasts a 4000 dpi and can report at minimal intervals of 1 Ms. in comparison to another gaming mouse; we can say that this is quite decent. However, you may need to look elsewhere if you need an exceptional weight system in a gaming mouse. G502 is better in that regard.

It is important to note that you will need to download Logitech gaming software. Here, you will find all the settings that allow you to customize according to preferences. For example, you can change the dpi settings, the lighting for the logo, and the polling. It is all according to your comfort level and preference.

The software also has a tool to determine how fast you move the mouse. That is in most cases a feature that allows you to customise according to how quickly you can move. We are all different when it comes to reflexes.

Where to buy Logitech g402?

You can conveniently buy this mouse dubbed one of the fastest gaming mouse, on Amazon.

Should I go ahead and purchase Logitech g402?

Concerning pricing, Logitech g402 is quite competitive. And as one of the fastest gaming mouse on the market, you are at a better place purchasing it. The high performance and the ergonomics are what make this an ideal mouse for gaming.

There are different gaming mouse on the market that has better physical features than the g402. However, you have to give it to Logitech g402 for blending functionality, ergonomics and pricing.

How to clean Logitech g403?

You use a dry cloth to remove any dust and debris that may be on the surface.

2. Logitech G403 Gaming Mouse: An Improved And Friendlier Option Than The G3050

From several thumb buttons on one side to different kinds of LED colors on the palm rest, we’ve never seen a more versatile gaming mouse than the G305. Do we actually need anything else?

Logitech answered “yes” and meant business when they designed these two groundbreaking mice: the G403 Prodigy and the G403 Prodigy Wireless. They both form the spanking new prodigy line, which points toward serving users who aren’t willing to turn over to more
serious tech.

Both mice are terrifically comfortable and operative enough for PC gamers ready to swing into action. Nevertheless, the wired version of G403 comes out at a normal price like its counterparts, its design is excessively common and the buttons do not have brio.
All the same, the G403 is a good mouse in the overall view of things and friendlier to the newbie than the G305.

The G403 kept everything simple with only 6 buttons, which includes the left button, right button, scroll wheel, DPI sensitivity shifter and a pair of thumb buttons. The pair of thumb buttons specifically was a disappointment after the really attractive ones from the G pro

The pair of slim plastic buttons feels lightweight and gives out a less-satisfying click. This is one advantage of the G305 over this model. Their big varying sizes makes it easier to separate from each other, something which we think is good, though.


Just like other Logitech models of mice, The G403 operates under the Logitech Gaming Software. The software is robust, user-friendly, and less complicated when it comes to system resources. With the simple software, gamers can modify the DPI (within 200 and 12,000),
program buttons, connects their profile to games, change the color, and particularly for those using the wireless version, control the battery life.
The color, to be specific, calls for attention, as the full RGB mouse can, in fact, sync up with different Logitech product for a compatible pattern of color.

Also, the mouse comes with 3 in-built profiles, which is a good option for players who love the competitive side of the game.

The wireless G403 version deserves some accolades for its incredible accuracy. Have you ever seen the almost spotless G900 Chaos Spectrum? You’ll know that G403 has the same wireless sensor, with a battery life of over 20 hours in just a single charge. Make sure you don’t misplace the sensor; it’s black and slim.

Wired Or Wireless- which should you go for?

Logitech’s wireless gaming technology is mind-blowing: which one to choose? Well, that’s up to you to decide. If you don’t like the cable drag, go for the wireless. If you like heavier weight, go for wired. When it comes to weight, they both have a similar weight of 10kg extra (this is a good option for those who love extra weight)

Overall Quality

When it comes to the overall quality, G403 is doing a great job so far and its durability is minimal. Just like the G305 (even with all mice), there may be little-built quality issues, but you’re always free to return in the event of these.

The only downside here is with the early batches of the wired version which has a loose scroll, whereas the wireless does not.


Is the g403 wireless?
Yes, we have both the wired and wireless model

What sensor does the g403 use?
G403 uses the best sensor in the market which is the Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor.

How do I change the DPI on my Logitech g403?
• On the Logitech software, click on Start > All Programs > Logitech > Logitech
Gaming Software 8.x
• Select “Customize Pointer Settings”. Next, you’ll see the “Pointer Settings window”.
• Click on the checkbox " Enable per profile pointer settings" in the Advanced section.

Is Logitech g403 good for csgo?

Where to buy Logitech g403?
Go to Amazon.com, you’ll find the best deals

What is dpi in Logitech g403?
DPI stands for Dot Per Inch and it measures the sensitivity of G403

How to open Logitech g403?
Press the extreme end of the mouth clip. It’d open without much effort.

How to clean Logitech g403?
Clean the surface using a dry cloth.

3.Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse: A Good Option For Those Who Love Small-Sized Mouse

It feels great when a company takes an almost perfect product and revamps it to flawless. The previous Logitech G500s was a top-tier and flexible gaming mouse, but its next-in-line, the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, outweighs it in all ramifications. As a matter of fact, we can actually say the Proteus Core is a cut above the rest when it comes to an all-purpose gaming mouse.


The G502 Proteus Core whips out a classy design choice that provides a satisfying experience for gamers with a palm grip as well as incredible experience for those with the claw grip. The mouse is small in size which provides stability for both the thumb rest and grip. Thanks to the 11 programmable buttons, G502 can neither be described as minimal or excessive. Unlike its predecessor that has a flimsy and loose scroll wheel, the G502 has a rock-solid scroll wheel that resists spare. Palm gamers with big hands may notice the size of the G507 a bit small for their comfort.


Just with other Logitech models of mice, The Proteus Core operates under the Logitech
Gaming Software.

The Proteus Core is able to internally store up to 3 profiles, or a practically endless number of profiles on a PC. An incredible feature of Logitech software is that it can Scan your computer, choose your installed games and creates a profile for the games.

Users can also create macros, control the mouse’s illumination and adjust the DPI range. The mouse ranges from 200 up to an unprecedented 12,000.

Logitech picked up the already-impressive G500 and rectified its little flaws, delivering a
the more robust and streamlined product which is the G502.


How do I tune my Logitech g502?
• On the Logitech Gaming Software: Open the Surface Tuning icon.
• In ‘Surface Tuning window”, click Add new surface.
• Edit by entering a name for the “new custom surface tuning”.
• Select the Tune icon to begin custom surface tuning.

How much does a Logitech g502 weight?
Typically, a Logitech G502 weighs about 5.9 ounces (168 grams).

How much does a Logitech g502 cost?
You can purchase at $74.48. Check out on Amazon for the best deal.

4. Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse:( Powerplay Advantage Over Other Models)

Logitech’s new G703 is the number-one mice to start up the POWERPLAY mouse pad. G703 is a consolation to users who think the G903 is somewhat expensive (Although, G703 is not cheap either). If you don’t have an interest in the additional features of GT90, then sit
down and enjoy the G703.

Compared with versions like G305, G403, and G503, the G703 is robust, comfortable, and does a good job.

Design and Features

Even though the G903 takes a raggle-taggle method to its ambidextrous design (and other features), the G703 is rather boring. Well, the shape is like….a mouse. The shape is what comes to mind when we say “an everyday computer mouse”. Like other Logitech models of
mice, G703 operates under the Logitech Gaming Software.

G703 is able to internally store up to 3 profiles, or a practically endless number of profiles on a PC. Users can also create macros, control the mouse’s illumination and adjust the DPI range. The mouse ranges from 200 up to an unprecedented 12,000.

Powerplay technology

Logitech’s new G703 is the number-one mice to begin the POWERPLAY mouse pad. This mouse pad incorporates the wireless charging and receiver.


How do I pair Logitech G703?
• Click on the Windows icon, then choose Settings.
• Click on Devices, then Bluetooth at the left side.
• Go over the list of Bluetooth devices, click on the Logitech device you’re looking to connect and select Pair.

How long does G703 battery last?
The G703 can last for up to 24 hours of battery when the RGB lighting is enabled, and 32
hours when disabled

How much does the G703 weight?
It came out at a Lightweight of 107g.

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